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Who Are We?

Who are we? We are the resident writer’s group of the Cary Area. As is the case, in the beginning for most writer’s groups, residents of the area wanted a safe haven to read and write on subjects close to … Continue reading

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National Poetry Month

With National Poetry month coming up, writers around the country are flocking together to read both their own poems and those of their favorite authors. The Cary Area Writer’s Group is  getting ready to dish up their own brand of poetry. … Continue reading

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A Few Famous Words, About Words!

For some of us when we think about books and reading we have some wonderful thoughts but we just can’t figure out how to put them down on paper. Here are a few, that some highly known people thought up. … Continue reading

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To Write Or Not To Write…

Shall I mop the floor or write my novel? Feed the kids or let them grovel? Wash the dirty clothes or finish my poem? Sit down and write or clean my messy home? Answer the ringing phone or type up my … Continue reading

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John Steinbeck Quote

” The profession of book writing makes horse racing seem like a solid, stable business.” – John Steinbeck

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Writing Exercise #1

Complete the following sentence (write for 1/2 hour without stopping to make any corrections, revisions, etc): As he stepped into the room, it was hard not to notice the large muscular frame that…

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