That’s Hollywood!

“Lover,” she cooed.  “You look so cute when you are nude.”

“Let down your hair,” he knew she would.  “You’ve really got me in the mood.”

“Darling,” she sighed.  “Put on the black hat.”

“What, now?” he replied.  “Do I have to do that?”

“It’s so sexy,” she purred.  “Makes you look like John Wayne.”

“Forget the hat,” he said.  “I’ll be Tarzan, you be Jane.”

“Not that game!” she snapped.  “You be Tom, and I’ll be Katie.”

“I know what!” he exclaimed.  “Put on your bra and I’ll be Beatty.”

“Madonna’s old,” she complained.  “Angelina I could do.”

“Brad’s the pits,” he refused.  “What about just me and you?”

“That’s okay,” she sadly smiled.  “Another time, turn out the light.”

“That’s fine with me,” he rolled aside.  “I didn’t feel like it tonight.”

(Note:  I wrote this when certain couples were still together, which of course now they’re not.  But then, that’s Hollywood!    Debbie Marcussen)

About Cary Area Writer's Group (CAWG)

Who Are We? We are a group who live, meet, and support each other in Cary, Illinois. Writers… that is what we call ourselves, but we are so much more than that. We have full time jobs, full time kids and full time hassles like anyone else. We don’t come up with stories. we live them. The only thing different about us is that we write them down. We don’t sleep. We have deadlines that are constantly looming and we always hope for that elusive quiet that never quite finds its way to our lives. If you think you can keep up with this pace, if you can put down the phone long enough to write a sentence or two and make sense, well I’m sorry to say you’re a writer and I know what you’re going through. Stick to it. Publication is just around the corner and then you can sit down. Or can you? It’s all in a day’s work but you know you wouldn’t trade it in. It’s who you are. By Grace Rellie
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