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What Do People Want?

Several years ago I read a book entitled The Hidden Life Of Dogs by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas.  It asked the question, “what do dogs want most”?  The answer, according to Ms. Thomas, was “other dogs”. I’m not going to comment … Continue reading


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The Tax Angel on new site – Scribd.

Originally posted on DJ Marcussen:
Read The Tax Angel for free! Just found out I was put on this site.  It’s one of the top 20 media sites, a digital library including New York Times bestsellers.  And me! Currently, you…

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The Power Of Words

When we think about the power of words, what comes to mind?  Is it a particular book that made an impression on us?  Harsh words from a loved one?  Frightening words from a physician?  Or words of inspiration from a … Continue reading

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A Different Type of Family: The Writer’s Group Family

Originally posted on Grace Rellie:
When you become a member of a Writer’s Group you join a different type of family. Still, there are aspects that remain the same just as they do in most families of blood. We have…

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Writers Etiquette Regarding Things You Must Do vs. Things You Should Do

This post is about our code of conduct.  Our “rules” that we each live by, with regard to our writing. Reviews are the golden apple of publishing.  Books with bad reviews die faster than books with good reviews, but books … Continue reading

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Writer Victory!—Identify Problem Areas

Originally posted on Kristen Lamb's Blog:
Last post we talked about the first letter in our acrostic for VICTORY—voluntarily submit. I feel those of us in Western societies have a hard time with the word submit because we’ve redefined the…

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